The mission of ATHD is to combine creative vision with technical proficiency to produce rich, beautiful and inspiring photographic and design work. We want others to be excited and motivated by the results. We view each and every project as an opportunity to create something fresh and unique, welcoming every opportunity to collaborate with clientele to define and achieve their desired look and feel.

We will never forget that client satisfaction is our number one driver. We love people and we work closely with every client, understanding their requirements and personalities to pursue end results that all involved can be proud of. We know our images and work impact the way our clients or their brands are perceived, and so, we have an unrelenting commitment to an end result that allows our clients careers and businesses to grow and thrive. In the case of weddings, we work hard to make those intimate moments into lasting memories.


We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service at acceptable prices. We understand that every design and photography project is unique so we will tailor our service to you. 

So, just contact us with information about what you want, and we will quickly get back to you with an estimate.


We offer multiple wedding packages so that we can help you plan the perfect day. Our services include pre-wedding bridal shoots for the bride and groom, photography on the day, and we can even manage all of your design requirements such as invitations. 



We cover public and private events for as little as 50€ depending on the type, location and duration; whether it's live music, christenings or conferences we have it covered.

Contact us for an estimate and more information.

Studio Session

Our studio space, located in Gracia, Barcelona, is perfect for family photos and headshots. 

We offer a free meeting before the shoot so that we can talk about ideas and make sure everything is perfect on the day.

Because we need to reserve time in the studio, we ask for a 20% deposit which you can pay in cash at the meeting. This obviously is non-refundable but it does count towards the final payment.

Professional Retouching

Helene, with her background in design takes place as chief in post processing, she has many years experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe suite through her career as a graphic designer. Our knowledge as a team now extends to the newest design and editing software. 

If you have existing photos that you would like retouched, ready to take pride of place on you walls at home then we can help. 

We have the resources and experience available to deliver fast and high quality results at low costs.

Contact us for more information, or email us with your images and requests and we can reply with an estimate. 

Analogue Photography

Nothing compares to hand processed and printed black and white photos shot on film. 

We love to bring out every bit of soul in each image - that´s why we offer this service. Photos are taken using a high-end Hasselblad medium format camera which saves every essence of the scene.

This service is available for indoor portraiture shoots and on location shoots during daylight to get the best results. This is an additional service which accompanies our digital work.


Timeless, cute and personal. 

Polaroids offer instant memories to carry around with you and act as a reminder of a special experience.

This service is offered as an addition to the digital shoots. We use 'Impossible' film, and you can choose from a range of styles. 

Test Shoots / Time Spent Creative Projects (0€)

At ATHD we love working with other creative people, and so we are more than happy to collaborate with artists, models, actors, beauticians and more (for free). We offer a 'time spent' contract, whereby we exchange our photography services and prints in exchange for your time spent working with us.

The aim is to work together to produce inspiring work which is great for our exposure and yours. Everyone benefits so there is no need to exchange money.

So, if you have a cool idea for a shoot, or you want to get some creative portfolio shots then contact us and let's see if we can get some fantastic and original results together. 

Become part of the team, everyone involved will have joint ownership of the photos so you can use them for whatever you want, whenever you want.