About us

Helene aubrit

Multi-disciplinary Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer

Helene has more than 15 years experience as a designer under her belt, in which time she has used a multitude of design and editing software and undertaken roles in many aspects of the industry. On her journey she has worked with award-winning design and advertising agencies as well as many independent clients as a freelance designer.

“I truly believe that every client deserves the best design possible.”

She specialises in logo, branding, editorial design and marketing & advertising. More recently she has expanded her interests to the world of graphic animation, web, interactive and mobile design.

“The foundation of my design approach is a very ‘can-do’ attitude, nothing is impossible as there is always a way around an issue.”

Helene's passion for photography has only ever grown after starting her career over 20 years ago, begging to be allowed onto her first course, a HNC in photography. She still remembers taking that first life changing shot when she discovered her love for the artistic outlet.

She always makes a subject comfortable in front of the camera to captures people’s true emotions, which brings a memorable authenticity to her shots.

Besides her love for digital photography, she is also passionate about analogue photography, and is still using her trusted original Hasselblad and a wide range of Polaroid cameras.

Daniel Tomlinson


Daniel's photographic style is similar to his style in painting and drawing, often using bright and bold colours in his landscapes giving a very surreal feeling; he also like to capture close-ups in the studio, or focus in on unknowing spectators at events, trying to capture the essence of the moment. His portraits are honest, as he says, "there is beauty in everything and everyone, as a photographer I only try to frame it, so it can be shared with the world".

“I was lucky to come from a creative family and took a great inspiration from my aunt, Coral Lambert (cast metal sculptor), and uncle Paul Higham (digital artist and sculptor). Although our styles differ, I learnt a lot from their creative perspectives and admire their uniqueness and originality.”

He started studying fine art at college; then went on to study architectural engineering at University, which combined his love for innovation with both creative and technical aspects. The combination of art and science is what eventually led him to photography.

"I was searching for an outlet that satisfied my cravings for both learning and creativity. I had always taken photos as a kid but had never realised the true power of photography before moving to Barcelona. Inspired by the urban landscape, city life and it´s people, I set out with camera in hand and never wanted to put it down again – it was the perfect combination of so many of the things I loved. Photography will always keep me up late at night, whether it´s going out taking long exposures, learning new post-processing techniques or planning future shoots."

Over the last four years, with the help and guidance of peers and other professionals, he has focused on developing as a photographer and gained experience shooting in the studio, at a multitude of events and out in the world.