About us

Helene aubrit

Multi-disciplinary Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer

Helene has more than 15 years experience as a designer under her belt, in which time she has used a multitude of design and editing software and undertaken roles in many aspects of the industry. On her journey she has worked with award-winning design and advertising agencies as well as many independent clients as a freelance designer.

“I truly believe that every client deserves the best design possible.”

She specialises in logo, branding, editorial design and marketing & advertising. More recently she has expanded her interests to the world of graphic animation, web, interactive and mobile design.

“The foundation of my design approach is a very ‘can-do’ attitude, nothing is impossible as there is always a way around an issue.”

Helene's passion for photography has only ever grown after starting her career over 20 years ago, begging to be allowed onto her first course, a HNC in photography. She still remembers taking that first life changing shot when she discovered her love for the artistic outlet.

She always makes a subject comfortable in front of the camera to captures people’s true emotions, which brings a memorable authenticity to her shots.

Besides her love for digital photography, she is also passionate about analogue photography, and is still using her trusted original Hasselblad and a wide range of Polaroid cameras.